Roundup Concentrate Settlement

Joshua Rawa, et al. v. Monsanto Company
United States District Court, Eastern District of Missouri Case No. 4:17-cv-01252-AGF

Welcome to the Roundup Concentrate Settlement Website

NOTICE (1/19/2020): Distribution of Class Member Checks began today, January 19, 2020.  If you made a claim but do not receive a check within approximately 10-14 days, it is likely your claim was disallowed.

In order to combat fraudulent claims, the Class Action Administrator imposed some limitations upon certain types of claims. Specifically:

  • Because the Settlement permitted claims of up to 20 units, claims for more than 20 units were disallowed.
  • Claims for more than 14 bottles of the 128 oz. size of Roundup Super Concentrate were disallowed.
  • Claims for more than 16 bottles of the 64 oz. size of Roundup Super Concentrate were disallowed.
  • Claims for more than 18 bottles of the 53.7 oz. size of Roundup Super Concentrate were disallowed.

In granting the Settlement final approval, while approving these limitations generally, the Court recognized that some of these disallowed claims may not be fraudulent.  Accordingly, a certain amount of the Common Fund has been reserved to reimburse Class Members whose claims may have been disallowed despite being valid.

To determine the status of your claim, contact us at 1-855-802-5279 or  Make sure to have your claim number available when calling.  If you then believe your claim was improperly disallowed, you may appeal that decision by providing the Class Action Administrator with proof of your purchase(s) in the form of either sales receipts or credit card receipts within 28 days of the publication of this notice, or by February 16, 2020.  We will respond to your appeal within 14 days. 

A Settlement resolves a class action lawsuit pending in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri (the “Court”) against Monsanto Company, the manufacturer of Roundup® Weed & Grass Killer Concentrate Plus or Roundup® Weed & Grass Killer Super Concentrate. The lawsuit alleges that Monsanto advertised these Roundup® products as making more spray solution than the products were capable of making. Monsanto denies these allegations and any wrongdoing. The two sides disagree on what relief, and how much, could have been won, if any, if the Class won at trial. The Settlement avoids costs and risks to you from continuing the lawsuit, provides relief to affected persons like you, and releases Monsanto and others from liability for the related claims.

If you purchased any of the above two Roundup® Concentrate products in the sizes listed below, for your own personal or household use, you may be a member of the settling Class. You have the right to know about the proposed Settlement and about all of your options before the Court decides whether to approve the Settlement.

The proposed class action Settlement will provide the Class with $21,500,000 (twenty-one million, five hundred thousand dollars) of monetary relief to pay all aspects of Settlement (the “Common Fund”), including Class Member claims, Notice, administration, Plaintiffs incentive awards, legal expenses, and attorneys’ fees.

Class Members will be able to make claims for refunds for the Roundup® Concentrates listed below equivalent to approximately one-half (50%) of their weighted average retail price (after rounding) during the relevant Class Period. Claims are limited to 20 units per household. If claims exceed the amount left in the Common Fund after all other expenses are deducted, the amount refunded will be reduced pro rata. If funds remain in the Common Fund after all claims and expenses, any remaining amounts will be donated cy pres to one or more Court-approved organizations. A list of potential cy pres recipients can be found HERE. The specific refund amounts are as follows:

Roundup® Product Weighted Average
Retail Price
Per-Unit Payment
Super Concentrate 35.2 oz. $42.48 $21
Super Concentrate 53.7 oz. (0.42 gal.) $62.88 $31
Super Concentrate 64 oz. (1/2 gal.) $72.64 $36
Super Concentrate 128 oz. (1 gal.) $105.85 $53
Concentrate Plus 32 oz. (1 qt.) $21.31 $11
Concentrate Plus 36.8 oz. $22.97 $11.50
Concentrate Plus 40 oz. $26.40 $13
Concentrate Plus 64 oz. (1/2 gal.) $44.54 $22

To learn more about the terms of the proposed settlement, your options, and how your legal rights may be affected, please review the Detailed Notice, Settlement Documents and answers to the Frequently Asked Questions provided on this website.